Tendon Oil

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Product Overview

Tendon Oil

Reduce pain and discomfort overall

6 oz Pure Organic Oils

Tendon Oil contains these Organic Natural Remedies

  • Organic Peppermint essential oil
  • Organic Arnica oil
  • Organic Cinnamon essential oil
  • Organic Rosemary essential oil
  • Organic Clove essential oil

Directions for use of Tendon Oil: Apply directly to areas of discomfort and gently message in the area as needed.  

Description of Nutrients:

How Peppermint could aid you:

   Traditionally Peppermint has been used topically to penetrate deep within the skin, muscles, joints, and tendons to provide relief from pain or stiffness. It's an elusive plant that not only cools the area of discomfort/tension, but additionally, peppermint, allows the other herbs such as Arnica and Clove to be fully optimized as it sets the stage for healing by relaxing the body, so bioavailability is increased. 

What is Arnica?

    It’s a plant of the Sunflower family, that bears yellow daisy-like flowers. Each color in the plants, fruits, seeds we eat have a different nutritional property they could offer us. Arnica is commonly utilized to aid in the relief of pain caused by joint inflammation, muscle soreness, post-surgery tension, bruising, swelling and many other condition’s related with discomfort or pain. Essentially, the sesquiterpene lactones in Arnica, helenalin and dihydrohelenalin, may be capable of anti-inflammatory and analgesic activity. Penetration of arnica has been shown to be higher when utilized topically in tincture Form.


     Possessing an abundant source of antioxidants and anti-inflammatories, Rosemary, is ideal for improving the immune system and boosting blood circulation. Antioxidants do this by breaking down the free radicals in the body, rendering them harmless. Free radicals are dangerous particles made by the body naturally that could cause great damage to cells by taking electrons from them. Free radicals cause damage by stealing electrons from other cells leaving them damaged. This is why it’s important to absorb antioxidants that not only break down the free radicals in comes in contact with, rendering them harmless, but it also supplies the free radicals with the extra electrons they need so it doesn’t go and take it from another part of the body that would ultimately cause more harm. Overall, with a healthy blood flow comes increased oxygen flow throughout the body. The body utilizes oxygen in the lungs, heart, tendons, joints, muscles, bones, essentially every part of your body needs oxygen to function properly. Increasing blood circulation allows your body to retrieve the oxygen it needs faster to heal or reduce pain. With a healthy blood flow, and therefore oxygen flow, the bodies separate pieces have the nutrients and oxygen readily available for use. If the body possesses more nutrients and oxygen, it has the ingredients needed to build up strong defenses against sickness and diseases; plus, the ingredients to possibly heal and reduce pain. 



Directions for use of Tendon Oil

Apply directly to areas of discomfort and gently message in the area as needed.  

Renew muscles & tendons with this warm mix of Essential Oils

Enjoy the luxurious benefits of 100% Pure Organic Essential Oils.

Your skin will glow, and the soothing warmth will tell you Green Girl B Tendon Oil is giving you the very best nature has to offer.

Warining: Contains warm oils so test on a small area of the skin before applying to a large area of skin.

Avoid eyes. Do not eat. For external use only. Keep out of reach of children. 

 *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review